About Us of Sunglow Fab Pvt Limited

Sunglow Fab Pvt Limited is a company incorporated under company's act 1956 incorporated in 1998. Company is managed by team of young & visionary Directors. Company is engaged in the developing various engineering goods. Company is always on the look for developing new products for the market demand. Company has recently developed Battery operated vehicle used for carrying goods, passengers & other transportation mode for short distance travelling.

This battery operated vehicles are not only cost effective but also eco friendly as this is not dispensing any emission. Battery operated vehicle is the only Alternative Fuel For Surface Transportation and non-polluting, this will help in conserving oil and curb environmental pollutions in the country.

This is quite useful for short distance travelling & goods carrying. We have successfully launched this product in Brick Field for internal transportation of bricks, which has not only reduced the labour cost but at the same time has increased the work output by almost 4 times. The battery operated Hydraulic Dumper vehicle is successfully tested launched at Kolkata Municipal Corporation for carrying garbage from door to door then dumping to the various garbage collecting centres (VAT). The battery operated passenger tricycles is also quite useful for short distance travelling by passengers, as this can increase the work output of paddle operated conventional rickshaw.

In order to meet out the increasing demand and to be cost effective we are now in the process of putting up the manufacturing facility for manufacturing various type of Battery Operated Vehicles.

We have also converted the conventional Paddle driven tricycle(Rickshaw) to dual model both by Battery (Power) and paddle (Power).
We also have plan to launch Battery operated passenger car for in near future.
The battery operated vehicles can run up to 80-90 km on full charge.

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